Instructions for building MySQLGui with the Fl_Editor

NOTE: Due to a hard drive failure, these instructions are not the most current, and refer to older versions of the required packages. Please check back, as this page will be updated as soon as possible.

There have been several people reporting difficulty getting the MySQLGui program to compile with Fl_Editor. This page details the exact steps to compile MySQLGui, including links to all the pieces you will need.


The most recent release of mysqlgui (1.6x) requires a slightly different build process than that listed here, including the addition of another library (flvw, available from These build instructions will be updated soon to reflect the new changes. In the meantime, these processes can be used exactly to build from the packages downloadable from this page, or as a general guideline for building the later packages.

The components

It is assumed that already have mysql installed. If you don't please visit their web site and do so before anything else. Other than that, you will need the following things (Note: to use the download links, you may need to shift-click the links to download, particularly with Netscape).:

The process

Now that you have all the components you need, build them in the following order using the following steps. In the illustrations below, "$" indicates a shell prompt. (Note: commands shown are for bash on RedHat Linux 6.1. For other shells or platforms, change as appropriate, but the essential steps are still the same.)

Common Problems

The most common problems that have been reported are the following:

Error building Fl_Editor - missing GL library
If you receive an error linking the Fl_Editor that says there is no GL library, you probably just need to change the two lines in the Makefile that control whether or not it links GL. The only reason this is an issue is because of the GL support in FLTK -- if you build FLTK as a shared library, it needs to be able to find the GL library. If you build FLTK as a static library, then you should not get this error. See above for details on setting up the Makefiles.

Error linking MySQLGui - Missing EditorEngine::LoadSQL
This is an extension to the Fl_Editor which was added by the author of MySQLGui, and is included with the MySQLGui client installation. Check your MySQLGui directory to ensure that you have a file called "". That file should contain the above function, Some earlier packages of MySQLGui did not include it, but 1.4 does. See the link above in the "required components" list -- that package has been verified to include the necessary files.

Note: If you are using the Fl_Editor archive from the MySQL page, then you may get this error while building the Fl_Editor package when it tries to link the demos. You have two choices -- either ignore it and do the "make install" on the editor libraries, or add the "" file from the MySQLGui distribution to the list of files linked to create the demos. However, the simplest thing to do is just download the updated packages listed above, and you should not get this error at all.

File Creation Errors during build or install
Make sure you have permission to write to the directories you are trying to use. In particular, when doing a "make install", you probably will need root permissions.

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